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About Me

Hi, I’m Miriam. I’m a mom of one, certified conscious parent coach, breathwork facilitator, international bestselling author, feminist, activist, expat, wife, friend, anxious adventurer and a lot more.  

I believe all children deserve to be guided and loved by the best version each of us have to offer them, as parents.

About Me & Parent Coaching

Five years ago my life was hit by a earthquake. I became a mother and my neatly organized life fell apart. I loved my child with all I had to offer, and beyond. It was ’til the the deep dark bottom of exhaustion, nothing left for me. I  was drowning in anxiety and the perfect picture of what I need to give to raise my child without the wounds I was suffering from. I wasn’t able to be the kind of mom and woman I wanted to be.

And one day I realized, parenting isn’t all about my child, it’s much more about me. I loved anyone else more than me and that wasn’t a good thing. I didn’t lived authentically the values I wanted to see my child grow up with. I was stuck in “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy of anything”, “I’m no one”, “the world is a dangerous place” and I wasn’t happy. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, burnt out.

But that wasn’t what I wanted to be a role model for. I wanted my child to to see me as empowered, joyful, courageous, strong, passionate, vulnerable and able to love myself. I wanted him to see me that I feel worthy of being me and that’s ok that I take up space in this world. That loving him doesn’t come with the cost of losing me in non existence. 

I needed to heal my old wounds and fundamentally change my mindset about who I am, what I deserve and how I want to show up in the world. And that’s what I did. I started a journey to heal from trauma, to reconnect with my authentic self, my soul, to  become the mom I want to be, a journey to wholehearted living.

However, this was sometimes a very lonely road to travel on, and a seed of a passion grew. I understood that being a parent can be amazing but extremely challenging, too. On the path of motherhood I realized that many of us find ourselves in need of support, guidance or just a non-judgmental listening ear at times as we navigate the important role we play in the lives of children. The seed of the vision of supporting others in their parenting struggles grew, the idea that children deserved to grew up loved, emotionally healthy and resilient while we as mothers show up for them wholehearted. Authentic, in integrity with our values, full of self-love and compassion.

That’s why I became I conscious parent coach, to be what I needed. To offer the support, inspiration, guidance and empowerment that I needed and still sometimes need to be the wholehearted parent I want to be.


About Me & Breathwork

My fascination for Breathwork began deep into the pandemic, after an international move from California to Switzerland when I was at a place of burn out.

Since I became a mother, I was on a journey of self-growth and healing from my childhood’s deep wounds, breaking the cycle of trauma that lies within my family. I was on the right path, I thought. I had good strategies that worked well. I knew I had still unhealed wounds, but it was ok. What I did was work for my family and me, and that was enough.

However, in the time of crises, my strategies failed. I was in a dark place, and I realized I didn’t want to be at that place ever again. I knew I needed to take my healing more seriously again. To solve a numbness, I couldn’t grasp. To connect my overthinking, anxious, always problem-solving mind with what was in my body. To start to feel my feelings again instead of thinking them.

I tried meditation, yoga, and journaling in the past years, but nothing brought me really out of my head. It helped me calm down, sort my thoughts, and feel more in balance, but nothing could help me grasp the numbness I was feeling, the disconnect to sadness, and my tears.
And then I started Breathwork, an active meditation technique, and it blew me away. I had heard good things about it before like it’s helpful to process feelings, heal from trauma, get unstuck, and stuff like that, but I thought that might be a bit overrated. My breath brought me more out of my head into my body than anything I tried before.

Since then, I felt unhealed wounds had become scars, feelings I didn’t feel for a very long time came back into my life, the numbness in my body started to disappear, and I think that I reconnect with a part of me I denied its existence for a long time, my soul.

This little tiny tool, my breath, became a bridge between my mind, my body, and my shyly appearing true self, my soul. It helped me connect the knowledge I had already in my mind to embody it, feel it, integrate it, and bring it into action. Breathwork brought healing of a new level into my life, and it became quickly obvious to me that I want to share this with others, too. That’s why I became a breathwork facilitator through revelation breathwork.

Breathwork is a tool to support you in processing emotions properly, releasing pain, reducing stress, opening your heart, and gaining clarity about yourself, and it can help you create a life you love. It can be nothing less than transformational.

The Breathing pattern I teach is simple but powerful and combines active, conscious breathing where you are aware and in control of your breath, followed by a relaxation part, where you release and let go. Practicing Breathwork can be transformational and can help you to utilize your breath to benefit your body, mind, and soul.

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