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Without a doubt, the most significant difficulty that families are facing throughout the corona pandemic is that parents are expected to balance effectively working from home to pay the bills while virtual schooling their kids home.

Social Media is full of parents proverbially pulling their hair out over the challenge to stop their kids playing with their siblings, fighting, whining, or procrastinating so they can get their homework done.

But how to get your kids to do their school without sitting in their necks all the time?

Believe it or not, the best way to get your kids to focus on their homework is by NOT forcing them to do school work constantly.

Did you know that research has long shown that the human brain does best when concentrating on tasks for about 35 minutes? After this, it is essential to take a break to retain the best level of concentration.

If your kid seems unable to concentrate, there may be several reasons why this is happening. Go through the list below before throwing up your hands in despair.

Your child can’t focus on schoolwork, what’s wrong?

Reason 1: Did your child get enough sleep?

If your kids need to show up early to their virtual schooling lessons, make sure they’re going to bed early enough. Maybe your Child settles down to sleep at 10 pm when the ideal time is 8:30. Consider Age factors in here. If your child can’t seem to wind down for bed, they’re not getting enough exercise during the day. Make sure that you increase physical activity during the day, especially outdoors and physical movement.

Reason 2: Is your child hungry?

One of the most common issues for kids not concentrating and quickly getting upset is being hungry.
If breakfast was something small like half a bagel and no protein, your Child’s brain might need a boost of fuel. Offer a protein-rich snack, like nuts and fruit, or cheese and crackers.

Is it lunchtime? Take a break from schoolwork and sit the family down for a proper meal. That’s great for your relationship as well.

Reason 3: Too much sugar and no movement.

A reason for your kids not focusing on their homeschooling lessons could be that they ate too many sweets and didn’t burn it off. Sometimes the solution is right in front of us, but we can’t see it. Kids on candy overload? Send them outside to play and work off that sugar. Come back for a protein snack and settle back into the school day.

Reason 4: Your child didn’t have enough exercise!

There doesn’t have to be a reason why children should go outside and burn off excess energy every day. The body is made to move; it’s just a fact of life. The long school days in front of a screen aren’t designed for our children’s needs. Older children can cope better with longer stretches of sitting still, where younger children need a lot of physical movement.
When a daily visit to a nearby park isn’t feasible, host a gym class earlier in the day and see if this helps improve kids’ concentration levels.

Reason 5: Your Child needs a Potty Break!

Young children, in particular, don’t always know when it’s time to go. If your child seems bored, listless, and fidgety, there could be tummy troubles. Try offering fiber-rich foods and plenty of water to speed the process along. Take note of whether focus improves as a result. 

Reason 6: Too much screen time. 

Pre Corona Times, parents were told not to have their kids in front of the screen for an extended time. The lockdowns and having our kids home for virtual schooling made this recommendation a dilemma. They’re now in front of screens for education and pleasure.

However, being on the computer for too long produces an unhealthy amount of restless energy and causes a stress reaction in the body. To get rid of the stress reaction, Kids need to stretch and move their bodies. 

If your children can’t settle down to do schoolwork, get them outside and away from the computers and online games. Return and try again in a half-hour.

Reason 7: Your Child needs human connection. 

The social distancing rule is taking its toll on everyone, kids especially. If your children seem to be emotionally affected, find an outlet for their feelings, and remember to be patient. Find ways to connect with friends, whether it’s sending a funny email, calling up Grandma, doing a video chat with school mates, Zoom with friends and family, or waving at the neighbors or people at the park from more than 10 feet away. 

Keep in mind that you are the most important people in your child’s life right now. The quality of your relationship with them has a huge impact on their well-being and your influence on them. The stronger your bond, the easier you can persuade them to do what you need them to do.

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