Having kids can be wonderful, beautiful and enriching AND it can be nerve-wracking, exhausting and overwhelming, too. The mental load can be heavy and the challenges and “phases” never-ending. At this time the pressure and frustration can be so overwhelming that it’s difficult to show up as the parent you want to be. You have constantly unmet needs & your frustration is spilling out on everyone.

Something needs to change, that’s why you have been on the search for stress relief techniques that are effective, but aren’t too time consuming or expensive. Let me help!

Table of Contents

  1. Spending time with friends

  2. Take a bath

  3. Take deep breaths while relaxing in the bath.

  4. Watch your favorite TV show

  5. Listen to music

  6. Read a book

  7. Talk to someone you trust or talk about what is bothering you

  8. Take a break from the kids for a few minutes

  9. Go outside to get some fresh air

  10. Meditate, do yoga or Breathwork

Self-care for moms

Self-care isn’t something most of us prioritize, but did you know you can actually be a better mom by putting yourself first? The typical self-care advice looks like this: make sure to eat well, find time for exercise, and get enough sleep. Wow! How enlightening. Why didn’t I think of that?

In reality, moms don’t have a ton of time for self-care – especially when the kids are young. However, the benefits of self-care speak for themselves, so it’s worth prioritizing. If you prioritize yourself, you will feel less overwhelmed. Your children will notice, and they’ll experience benefits as well. Being less stressed means you have more patience for your kids, and your family can grow stronger because of it.

Spending time with friends

To fill your social needs, tt’s important to make time for your friendships. Spend a day at the spa or in town shopping together, take a class on something that interests you both (e.g., pottery-making) or go out to dinner and catch up every few weeks! You’ll feel better knowing someone has your back when it comes to being mommy-no matter what life throws at you. Plus, you can have playdates with the kids during the week. Playdates always help the time pass faster.

Take a bath

Baths are one of my favorite pastimes. They’re so relaxing and have the ability to make you feel better, no matter what your mood is. Fill up a tub of warm water with bubbles, epsom salt or essential oils, light some candles, put on some soft music and just relax for a while! Yes, you may have to wait until the kids are in bed, but it’s a perfect time to let go of the day and enjoy the moment.

Take deep breaths while relaxing in the bath.

Put one hand on your chest where it meets your ribs and place the other hand on top of that first hand. Breathe deeply into this area until you can’t take any more air. Hold for about five seconds before exhaling slowly through pursed lips like blowing out a candle. This allows oxygenated blood to go from your lungs all throughout your body.

Watch your favorite TV show

Watching your favorite TV show can be a great way to relieve stress. For example, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with work or the kids, just watch your favorite show and you’ll feel better! The next time you have a moment to spare, try zoning out on an episode of something that makes you feel better. You won’t regret it 🙂

Listen to music

Did you know that music has an immediate stress reducing effect on your body and your mind? Music that is experienced as pleasant increases your feelings of happiness which reduces your stress level. Isn’t that amazing? Well, and in addition it provides an distraction from the thoughts and things that is causing you stress. Music with beats around 60–80 beats per minute (BPM) helps you to alter your body rhythm and slows down your heart rate which can be great when you feel at the edge to explode. Here is my personal calm down playlist on Spotify.

On the other side upbeat songs can be a great way to energize your body. Find a song that makes you get up and dance!

Benefits of listening to music to de-stress include:

Some examples of relaxing music:

Read a book

There is nothing more relaxing than curling up in bed with an old friend who always makes us laugh: your favorite book. So grab one from the shelf, light some candles, and dive in.

Benefits of reading a book to de-stress:

Talk to someone you trust or talk about what is bothering you

Talking to another person who gets you is one of the best ways to de-stress. It’s so nice to get a fresh perspective from someone who can commiserate with your stresses. When you’re talking with them, you automatically feel better because they are empathizing with your situation and cheering you up at the same time. Plus, if they have children as well and there’s something they’ve dealt with before that you’re going to deal with too, they can be a dwell of wisdom.

However, if you feel no one around gets you or you feel to ashamed of the things causing you stress & frustration consider seeking support in a moms support circle, or with a mom coach.

Take a break from the kids for a few minutes

Easier said than done, right? But seriously, taking a break – or having the opportunity to – is extremely important whether you have newborns or teenagers. Okay, especially if you have teenagers. Let go of any guilt you may be harboring towards the idea of leaving your kids in your partner’s (or other support person’s) care. They are your support for a reason.

Go outside to get some fresh air

A lot of times when moms are dealing with stress, we also feel like we’re trapped inside. Don’t forget about the power of nature! Nature has a calming effect on people. Go by yourself or take your kids out into the wilderness, go camping, or spend an afternoon in a nearby park with your favorite iced tea. Being surrounded by trees and mountains will make it easier for everyone to breathe.

Benefits of walking in nature:

Meditate, do yoga or Breathwork

There is nothing like de-stressing with a good meditation, breathwork or yoga session. You might heard about Meditation and yoga, but wondering what Breathwork is like?

Breathwork is an active breathing meditation that helps quiet the mind enough to access and release stuck energy in the body. While practicing, you can release unresolved emotional pain, recharge your creative battery, detox your nervous system, and nourish your soul. It is a simple, safe, and extremely effective process for experiencing breakthroughs and optimal wellness in your life.

Breathwork can be supportive with:

We know as moms, we are often so busy that it can be hard to take care of ourselves. But self-care is important and it’s not selfish! As moms, we must make time for ourselves or we will burn out from the stress.

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