A little bit about me

I’m Miriam. My pronouns are she/her. 

I live with my family of three, two ragdoll cats and a cobberdog puppy in a lovely swiss village at lake zurich.

As a former Web Designer and Online Marketer (and some other fancy things) I know a great converting About Page is about you not me but I’m not here to sell you anything.

And as I think you clicked the About to learn about me I think it’s fun to get personal!

Get To Know Me Better

I’m a Multi-Passionate dot-connecting Entrepreneur. I love to go to the roots of things so they make sense to me. That’s why I do a lot of things, bringing everything in context.

I lived four years at the pacific ocean and was never swimming in it…brrr to cold and too many ripcurls. 

I Lived In Three Countries, but I’m only fluent in two languages, if you don’t count in understanding swiss german.

Phone Calls & FB Lives are one of the most scariest things in the world, but I can do scary things #introvert

When I feel lazy, it’s often because I’m burnt out from doing too much.
#recovering perfectionist

I love Retro Art Styles but also Steampunk and SciFi Stuff.

Some Of My Boring Credentials

Master & Almost finieshed PhD in Biology
Biology is all about systems and I love systems. I see patterns everywhere and analysing things is my way of being. But working in science isn’t for the fainted heart, and I wasn’t made for that environment.

Certified Conscious Parenting Coach
Motherhood was an earthquake in my life, and opened a lot of new possibilities for me including the path of understanding more about myself, humans and healing. That’s why I shifted from making sense of biological systems to making sense of human behavior.

Trauma Recovery Coach Training
Trauma plays a huge role in my live and how it impacts everything. As a conscious parenting coach I was working with people like myself impacted by trauma. To expand my education in that area I studied  with the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching.

Breathwork Facilitator Training
I love, love, love Breathwork. It helped me tremendously in my own healing journey and it’s a tool I tell everybody about. 

Certified Business Coach
I’m wildly passionate about seeing women growing successful and money-making businesses while impacting the world for the better. Coaching is a passion of mine and I’m great in helping others connecting the dots of growing a sustainable business that is working for them.

Squarespace & WordPress Web Design, Graphic Design, Human-Centered Copywriting and Digital Marketing
Skills I learnt, upleveled and helped other small business owners with since being an Entrepreneur.